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Tax Filing
At IPS we understand how important it is for small business owners to spend their time productively. Our payroll and tax filing services will help free up time. We take care of the tedious aspects of paying payroll taxes and manage cash flow, by collecting and paying tax obligations each pay period. Payroll management isn't merely writing checks for your employees. It's more about accurate tax calculations and timely payment of your employee and employer payroll taxes. The government expects you to know how much is owed each pay period. Why waste time studying new tax laws and reporting requirements when the experts at IPS can do it for you? At IPS, we guarantee everything we do for you. That means when we're paying your payroll taxes, we take full responsibility-so you'll never have to pay a tax penalty again!
Direct Deposit
A popular and valuable convenience, IPS's Direct Deposit service allows payroll funds to be deposited directly into the checking or savings accounts of your employees. Employees can count on their money being available immediately on payday, without the risk of handling paper checks or the delay of clearing them through the bank.
Signing and Stuffing
For those customers whose employees need additional security and confidentiality, IPS offers an envelope stuffing and sealing service. Payroll will be delivered with each employee's paycheck sealed in a separate envelop, ready for distribution.
General Ledger Exporting
We provide both the General Ledger Detail and General Ledger Summary data in standard ASCII formats for you to integrate with you accounting system. This is a great tool if you're a QuickBooks user. Our General Ledger Summary report will summarize transactions by general ledger account. So the data is easily readable allowing you to know the exact general ledger entry.
Accrual Tracking
Paid time off is easy to track with IPS's benefit accrual formulas. Together with your payroll specialist, we can create and maintain customized benefit accrual formulas that reflect your company's policy. Set up as many formulas as you need: vacation sick, holiday, personal or any other categories you choose. IPS will automatically compute time allowed and taken as well as ongoing balances. At your option, these balances can appear on employee pay stubs, or exclusively on the reports you receive.
Time and Attendance
Integrated Payroll Solutions, LLC can provide Timeclock solutions including online and biometric clocks that will interface with our payroll system. Employers can verify the hours, create downloads, import online or email the file directly to us.
Workers Compensation
Our Workers' Compensation Premium Payment Service makes it easy and convenient for employers to pay their insurance premiums each payroll. Most insurance policies require employers to pay estimated premiums based on projected annual payroll. With Pay-as-you-go your premiums are based on your actual payroll and paid with each payroll cycle. By eliminating any large up-front deposits and year-end surprises, you're in better control of your cash flow and expenses.

Benefits of Pay-as-you-go include: No upfront premiums to pay, no monthly payments or checks to write; premium payments are automatically deducted, improves cash flow, no finance charges, avoids year-end surprises, accurate calculations based on actual payroll.
Employer Services
Retain, recruit and attrack top employees. 401(k) deferred compensation plans are among the most popular employee benefits offered in today's business environment. Whether you are planning to establish a plan or have an existing one in place, IPS can help you every step of the way. Flexible salary reduction options, employer matching reports, and automatic checks to third party administrators are just some of the ways IPS can help streamline your 401(k) management tasks. For nonprofit organization the 403(b) annuity plan offers all of the same services.

In addition to our Payroll Solutions, IPS offers the following Employer Services: Major Medical Individual and Group Plans, Disability income protections plans, group and voluntary life, dental and vision plans, COBRA administration, flexible spending account/section 125, Health Reimbursement Account Plan, 401(k) program. It's never been easier for your employees to enroll in employer sponsored benefit programs.
Paperless Payroll
Whether you are jumping into the digital age, eliminating desk clutter or just trying to save a tree our Paperless Payroll solution will meet your needs. Every payroll you'll receive your payroll reports via email in Adobe Acrobat format.
Additional Services
Integrated Payroll Solutions, LLC also provides consulting services for the following:
  • IRS and State Inquiries – Submit your documents and we will work with the agency to resolve any outstanding items. If you are a payroll client, this service is included with our Tax Service.
  • Amendments to Prior Returns – We can prepare and file any quarterly or annual amendments you need for your payroll returns.
  • Accounting Services including bookkeeping and tax preparation for your corporate and/or sales tax.
  • 1040 Preparation & Inquiries. Make an appointment to have your 1040 prepared and filed electronically. Whether you are a payroll client or not, we will prepare an estimate for your request and handle your project timely and accurately.

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